- Lower limb (Instruction)

Tendinitis of Achilles tendon

Indications: Tendinitis of Achilles tendon, rehabilitation after injury of Achilles tendon

1. This application requires 3 fascia tapes approximately 10 cm long and 2.5 cm large.
2. Apply the first tape by fascia method directly to the zone of Achilles tendon.
3. Apply the second and the third tape crosswise with crossing points in the zone of maximal pain syndrome.

Gastrocnemius muscles and Achilles tendon

Indications: Injury of Achilles tendon, hypertonic muscle, trigger points, rehabilitation in the post-operation period after suturing on Achilles tendon

1. This method requires three I-tapes approximately 20–25 cm long.
2. Apply the base of the first tape on the heel region without tension.
3. Ask the patient for dorsiflexion (pull the toes towards himself/herself) and apply the tape with the maximal tension towards Achilles tendon.
4. Then, apply the tape with a 15 % tension from the lateral malleolus to the medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle.
5. Perform the same actions on the opposite side. Apply the tape with a 15 % tension from medial malleolus in a diagonal direction through a middle third of the calf and to the lateral head of gastrocnemius muscle.

Classical stabilization of knee joint

Indications: injury of the joint, pain in the joint, gonarthrosis, patellar-femoral arthrosis, rehabilitation after surgery (endoprosthesis replacement, arthroscopy)

1. This method requires three I-tapes.
2. The patient lays with his/her leg bend in the knee.
3. Apply the first two tapes using ligament method around patella.
4. Apply the third tape using ligament method in perpendicular direction to the previous two in the region of patellar ligament.