About us

Welcome to our official web page "Medical Taping". Here you can find all necessary information about kinesiology taping, its applications and different taping techniques for different injuries.  We are happy to share with you worldwide and our team research experience in this area of study.
We are open for any cooperation offers, internships, experience exchange programs, as well as free information passing to international and national colleagues. 
The purpose of the Medical Taping project is to collect, promote and share kinesiology taping techniques and experiences between worldwide colleagues.

Research team leader,
Pavels Kolomijecs.

Our team

Pavels Kolomijecs
Occupational Therapist, research team leader

Dmitrijs Bindemanis
Physical Therapist

Klim Golovin

Arina Poddubnova

Olga Polivkina
Occupational Therapist

Our team supports sharing knowledge and experience about kinesiology taping, therefore we are happy to provide our publications and photos. This can be copied on condition to make REFERENCE to our site (we keep author rights for all the materials listed in our website) and authors name.
Dear visitors of this webpage, our team is not responsible for any health damage which happened due to any application of the kinesiology taping information provided in current website. Please consult a specialist before application of  kinesiology taping techniques.